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流浪餐廳:廚神 APK v1.0.34

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Version: 1.0.34

Android: Android 4.1+

Size: 44M

A long time ago, the devil came and the spirits were smeared, and the world began a long war and flight. The Devil believes that the power of mankind stems from the food, so the existence of the cuisine is erased in the world. Most of the people who have lost their food can't continue to survive, and the survivors are scattered all over the world, expecting the dishes to light up their lives once again.One day, "Cool" failed to eat properly for too long, and fainted in the forest. It was a coincidence that the smell of bread made of "Gold" awakened, and the warrior who longed for food caught the straw and determined to be with "Gold". Promote food to more people to enjoy, they firmly believe that the business of the wandering restaurant must be like the water source in the desert, can bring life to the world again...What is the most memorable food?How can the delicious food that must be punched once in this life be made?Do you also want to conquer others with cooking? Do you also want to use food to grab the hearts of others?Wandering restaurant business simulation game!Get fresh ingredients, collect world recipes and become the best wandering restaurant!The ingredients are very important, the chef must also be excellent, delicious one plus one, word of mouth! Prepare the greatest food with ingredients that are not readily available! Please use the extraordinary craftsmanship to attract more customers to stop!★Explore to get ingredientsFood is often hidden in the wild forests, and getting the best quality and freshest ingredients is a prerequisite for making food!★Explore your food mapIn different worlds, you can enjoy different food festivals and unlock more specialties!★Participate in the village celebrationHire a chef and strengthen the hero.Whether you can make more delicious dishes depends on the chef!★ Participate in the cooking competitionIt is the best kitchen god in the showdown with the country's wandering restaurant, and it is famous all over the world!★ Upgrade your restaurant to decorate your storeParticipate in the event, get new food and beautiful and lovely clothes, what style of dreamy wandering restaurant you want, whatever you want!Buy a better wandering restaurant, and the number of new chefs can be made faster!★ Invest in villages and build buildings.The more residents there are, the more customers will visit the restaurants.When the business is booming, you must keep the kitchen god's manners, don't panic!The best wandering restaurant depends on you!Please move the food to the world again![Official fan group]https://www.facebook.com/CookingAdventureGame[Brand official website]Http://www.lemonjamgames.com/Https://twitter.com/lemonjamstudio[Declaration: The prototype version of this game is developed by independent developer CATLAB, and CATLAB authorizes the production and distribution of Chinese version based on lemon paste]
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