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シンエンレジスト APK v1.30.1

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Version: 1.30.1

Android: Android 5.0+

Size: 57M

Oneself Tsuranuke. All Kowase.Emitted by the ortho-plus × Shueisha Kyarabizu room!Dramatic war situation battle RPG that 26 or more people of gorgeous actors total of sends.Full of personality together with friends to journey to aim the destruction of the !◆ □ ◆ "circularity resist" Works ◆ □ ◆"Circularity resist" the men of treason to "fully managed world",And smartphone game depicting the friendship.Upon worldview construction of this work, Shueisha character business chamber participation from the planning stage.Involved in the production of the story, character design (draft),He worked on "La Paz theme park" in Ultra Jump (Shueisha),Cartoonist Naruka Shinichiro (Naruka Shinichiro) Mr.,In charge of character design the (draft).In addition, sound, participated in Avex Entertainment Inc.,We produce a world of powerful game.[Battle system of compelling]De full-scale 3D battle deployment by the flashy action.Changing the pinch to chance, the command selection formula "Dramatic war situation battle"Trying to feel the passionate fight in the characters' of the real![Rewarding plenty of scenarios]The main scenario is deployed in full voice by more than 26 people cast.A dramatic expansion, adorned with luxury cast team.【story】Keburu atmosphere, dull plug sunlight, decadent civilization.There was in the abyss of the previously only "death" has been prepared world.Men, wield a weapon to single-mindedly in the devastation that has been closed.Shed blood, Ushinai the fellow, no matter folded the many times my heart Kuraitsuku in "raw".Created for the sake of what is selected, abandoned,Fight, killed, and, whether live.Tremendous battle of the End appears in front of them,Way out in order to break the world.This is a man who is "treason" to "oppressed world." Your story.◆ □ ◆ gorgeous actors of 26 people ◆ □ ◆Murata Sho Suwabe Nogami Junichi Futoshi Taku Yashiro Kentaro KumagaiZomoto Takuya Takeuchi Shun輔 Nishiyama HiroshiTaro Yuichiro UmeharaKaito Ishikawa Toki Hayabusaichi Nagatsuka TakumaUchiyama Tomoaki Maeno Takahiro Sakurai NoboruTeru Yuki OnoUchida Yu Hatanaka Stallion Ito Kento Terashima AtsushiFutoshiRyota Osaka Nobuhiko OkamotoSaito Hiroki Yasumoto Aoi Shota Takeshiba Sawashiro Chiharu※Titles omitted◆ □ ◆ development staff ◆ □ ◆Total command Planning, production, and draftCo., Ltd. ortho-plusPlanning Story character design and scenario creationShueisha character business chamberCharacter Design Naruka ShinichiroSound ProduceAvex Entertainment Inc.◆ □ ◆ Recommended environment ◆ □ ◆Recommended Android 5.0 or higher(C) 2018 ortho-plus / Shueisha character business chamber
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