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Video Poker Duel

Video Poker Duel APK v2.0.441.0

Silver Creek Entertainment



Version: 2.0.441.0

Android: Android 4.4+


Play Video poker with your friends!From the creators of Hardwood Spades and Hardwood Solitaire comes Video Poker Duel with a new spin on a classic game.Become an instant video poker master in this traditional "Jacks or better" style game of video poker! Sharpen your skills in single player mode, then go head-to-head with your friends in Challenge Mode for a good ol' fashion duel!“Jacks or better” always starts with a freshly shuffled deck of cards. You will be dealt 5 cards face up. After the first deal, you can choose to keep all of your cards, or exchange the cards you don't like for new ones. Just select the cards to discard, place your bet, and the dealer takes care of the rest!SPECIAL OFFER: Get FREE GEMS when you sign in!In challenge mode you and a friend will start the round with the same amount of chips. You can bet up to 5 chips per hand. The better your hand, the more chips you win! The player with the most chips at the end of each round wins the round AND bonus chips. Use your winnings to make the game your own with deck faces, card backs, backgrounds and more. And don't forget to show off to your mad skills to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with the built-in social features!NEW FEATURES• Achievements, which are shareable on Facebook• New Chip boost power up to extend your game.• New 3D Animations• Two-Player Dual action Mode• Play in either Portrait or Landscape orientation.• Redeem your winnings in the game store for custom upgrades• Built-in social features for easy sharing• Video Poker Duel is also available for iPod, iPad, Kindle and Windows!** Have suggestions on how to make Video Poker better? We're listening! E-mail us [email protected] Make sure to include mention the name of the game, Video Poker duel, and what device you are using.
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