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モンスターカンパニーVer.5 - 超やりこみ放置ゲーム

モンスターカンパニーVer.5 - 超やりこみ放置ゲーム APK v6720




Version: 6720

Android: Android 4.4+

Size: 132M

\ Super-large Appde Ver.5 is now available! /Unlimited stamina and unlimited play, plus 32 new elements!Now, support beginners and get 20% off the required experience points up to Lv1500!Collaboration in progress! Now you can definitely get Sengoku Mikoko (Uncle Nekomasu)!All-you-can-draw gacha for free! It's a cute and fun incremental game!―――――――――――――――――――――Incremental game x Monster training x Completely free gacha= Addictive management simulation!―――――――――――――――――――――Collect, raise and dispatch cute monsters! ??Real-time, monster dispatch company management simulation!This is the first app to commemorate the individual developer Blue Creator!◆ Game features・ Real-time interlocking dispatch system!-Crispy, light and easy-to-understand operability!・ Pull the gacha with the dispatch reward!・ A relaxing but a little mysterious story!◆ New user benefits!HV Sengoku Mikoko (Uncle Noja Lori) will definitely get it in 3 days after logging in!◆ Luxury collaboration in progress!The legendary personal Vtuber, Uncle Noja, "Mikoko" is here!In addition, "Noracat", drawing magic, Yuzu flower, Shiki, etc. are also participating in the collaboration!From the ordinary deer game DEEEER Simulator, "ordinary deer",I fly with an eggplant. So, "Eggplant shrine maiden" is also a friend!◆ Official website only! Send bug reports and suggestions for improvements!If you report a bug or improvement plan from the mail form on the official website,We will use it as a reference for future game improvements!(Please use the email form on the site below)http://pannn.sakura.ne.jp/monnkani.html◆ Ver.5 new elements・ Part 2 Stamina gauge is abolished. It's much easier to collect gold tickets!-Part 2 Battle balance has been adjusted to make it easier to play!・ Introduced a lucky gauge. You can triple the battle reward as long as the gauge lasts!・ New items and lucky tickets have been added!・ Added 10 lucky tickets to the reward of Moncani Tower!・ A lucky ticket has been added to the lottery funded by Moncani Tower!・ 5 lucky tickets will be added when the level of Berry Gu members is improved!・ Login roulette has been renewed! Added "Turkey Turkey" to the jackpot!・ The number of gold tickets that can be earned with the login bonus has increased five times for all users!・ The limit training of the upper limit of the level is relaxed every level 2000!・ The maximum number of Gachachike and Energy possessions has increased by an order of magnitude!・ Part 2 story is complete!-Added a super limit breakthrough of 109999 or higher with grade 39 or higher!・ 12 new characters added at once!-As a new collaboration character, Armored Deer has been added to the special exchange!・ The collaboration carnival rock-paper-scissors loses once, and you can get it in the hands of God.-Added a button to get 8000 confirmed balls with 3 God's hands on the collaboration carnival screen!・ Relax the restrictions on data migration to the same terminal and enable up to 3 times!・ This month's skin story can be viewed from the diamond gacha screen!・ Diamond gacha has been renewed! 10 consecutive stars have increased to 3 stars!・ Lucky tickets have been added to the diamond gacha lineup!・ The probability of 2 stars in the diamond gacha has increased!・ The bonus of getting 300 summon balls with one diamond gacha, which was a campaign when adding collaboration characters, is now available!・ Four new songs have been added to the member room!-Added Part 2 character correlation diagram to the member room! (Condition that the final episode of Part 2 has been watched)・ All business alliance fees have doubled!・ All rewards for long-term dispatch of 1 hour or more have been increased by 1.5 times! (Excluding summon balls)-The required experience points of collaboration characters that join with summon balls are the same as normal characters, making it easier to level up!・ A strategy hint function has been added to the final battle stage!・ We have set up a recycling facility where you can instantly replace the difficult-to-digest gachachike for apt people! (Available for grade 38 and above)-Enhanced sorting function! Add type sort! Added ascending / descending order switching button!・ The extra coupons will be automatically converted to 5 diamonds the following month!* A network connection is required to play the game.* "Mikoko" and "Nekoma" are official collaborations with special permission from "Kemomimi Okoku".* "Noracat" is an official collaboration officially approved by upd8.
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