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Android: Android 5.0+


All of MMO is here.The world's long-awaited smartphone MMORPG, "TRAHA" is now available.◈ Official site: https://traha-jp.nexon.com/▼ Introduction of the game■ 360 degrees and beautiful open field up to "sound"A unique technology that blurs the distant scene and clearly shows the near scene.TRAHA is the only reality that even the depth can be felt.TRAHA's commitment is also to the sound.The difference in footsteps that run through forests and snowfields is expressed in detail.Fly through the overwhelming graphic open field beyond your smartphone!■ "Infinity class" where you can freely change the class (occupation type)By freely changing weapons and combining various skills,The day after he was active as a healer, he could become a witch specializing in attacks, etc.Allows "class-free" gameplay.Complete your own battle style to suit a wide variety of battle environments,Feel free to fight your friends!■ Highly flexible operability beyond the framework of smartphone MMORPGWith TRAHA, evasive action is possible during normal attacks.Capture various monster gimmicks with your own technique!■ Weapons can be obtained without gacha!With "real MMO", get your own weapons.Confront mighty enemies with your own weapons and a variety of action skills!■ For yourself who wants to be with character makeupWith high-quality graphics and custom functions that express even the finest textures, you can freely make characters.Create your own character and go on an adventure!■ Infinite ways to play, abundant sub-contentsFull of rich content that can be enjoyed by one person, such as pets, production, and fishing.Not limited to playing alone, all actions are designed to lead to your own parameters = strength!Play with all the elements other than the battle and get your own strength!◈ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Traha_mmo_jp■ Smartphone application access authority guidanceWhen using the app, we are requesting permission to provide the following services.[Optional access rights]Camera: Required for shooting for uploading photos and videos.Photo: Required for saving videos and uploading photos and videos.Mike: You need to have a voice chat during the game.Security: Required for customized advertising and service usage analysis.* You can use the service without agreeing to the optional access authority.[Withdraw access]--Android 6.0 and above: Settings> Apps> Select Permission Entry> Permission List> Permission Agree or Withdraw--Android 6.0 and below: Upgrade operating system to withdraw access or remove apps* The app may not have provided individual consent, and you can revoke your access rights using the method described above.
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