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The Lord of the Rings: War

The Lord of the Rings: War APK 1.0.192874

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Version: 1.0.192874

Android: 4.1 and up

Size: 112M

Season 7: Ranger's Rise has been unleashed!Taking a brand new role of 'Ranger' and build your prestige across the land. Obtain unique battle abilities from ranger's ring, deploy a deputy commander to unlock various strategies.Epic tales of old, be it of love, friendship, or glory, are in days bygone. A new War of the Ring is on the horizon, and the fate of Middle-earth now falls into your hands. An irrepressible dark power has been growing, seeping, and bring the war to every inch of Middle-earth. From Minas Tirith to Mount Doom, each faction is desperate to seize control over the One Ring and take dominion over Middle-earth once and for all.One Ring to Rule Them All.The War of the Ring has reignited!- Live Your War of the RingThe One Ring has resurfaced in the deserted castle of Dol Guldur. It bestows unrivaled power to dominate Middle-earth on its bearer, luring peoples from all factions into a great war.- Build A Fortified SettlementYour settlement infrastructure dictates the efficacy of your strategies. Each building functions uniquely, and your power grows with the development of your settlement. Get well prepared for incoming warfares.- Assemble Formidable ArmiesFrom spearmen, archers, and knights to marvellous creatures and dreadful beasts—all forces must be mustered before the warfare is waged. Victory will be yours if your strategy is sound and your forces are mighty. - Form Your FellowshipAs a Steward of Middle-earth, you must step into a vast world and take control by developing your settlement, expanding your territory and founding your own Fellowship. Grand challenges await.- Expand Factional TerritoriesThroughout the season, your power enhances by building expeditionary forces, expanding land tiles, collecting valuable resources, and repelling the enemies. The experience and strength you gained during your conquest from war would help you get through any unexpected obstacles. - Explore Middle-earth's WondersFrom the lofty majesty of Minas Tirith to the brutish terror of Barad-dûr, experience a re-creation of Middle-earth that places you on the ground in the expansive world created by J.R.R. Tolkien.Facebook Fan-page:https://www.facebook.com/gaming/lotrrisetowarDiscord Community:https://discord.com/invite/lotrrisetowarYouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkV855DPObfN8wtGedYJ33Q/videos
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