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Purrling - Interactive Pet curling

Purrling - Interactive Pet curling APK v2.2.4

Byterockers Games



Version: 2.2.4

Android: Android 4.4+

Size: 32M

Ok yes cats are cute! And sometimes funny too. But you really have a lot of fun with them if you let them slide across the floor!Don´t try this at home! Do it in Purrling! Take a minigolf course, freeze it and let animals slip in form of small pucks to hit the bullseye.* Swipe the puck while moving *The difference to miniature golf is that, in Purrling you can influence the direction of the puck as it moves. Is it too far left? No problem. A small wiper or swipe and the direction is just perfect.* One shot - one hit *Where is the difficulty? Just like curling, you have ONE try! Miss the goal means back to the beginning. So use your 3 swipes wisely. Because every swipe costs you more desirable points.* Collect stars, gold and pucks *Cats are great, but there are sooo many other animals. You would rather play with a lion, a seal, a panda or a not yet discovered animal? Then try to collect as many stars as possible and unlock your favorite pucks.* More tracks = more fun * 'Play, puzzle and trick your way through over 70 levels and overcoming a variety of obstacles. Have you ever shot a cat through a wormhole? And do not worry, we still have plenty of such great ideas for the future.Look forward to all this and more in the near future !!!!Can you get the perfect shot? Try to complete all levels PURRFECT!!FEATURES: ★ single player arcarde mode★ influence the direction of the puck as it moves to goal★ more than 70 unique tracks, more coming every month★ choose your favorite animal puck★ master various obstacles and surfaces on the increasingly complex tracks★ Collect stars and gold for new pucks★ Simple and responsive control for smartphone and tablet
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