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ポケカラ-Pokekara 本格採点カラオケアプリ

ポケカラ-Pokekara 本格採点カラオケアプリ APK v3.1.8

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Version: 3.1.8

Android: 6.0 and up

Size: 142M

Pokekara is a free karaoke scoring app that allows you to sing as many new songs as you like, including Vocaloid, J-POP, anime songs, hit songs, Western music, and rock, without ads. It also has a recording function, so let's improve your singing ability while listening to your own singing voice. In addition to being able to play music here, you can also meet many friends who like music. If you have free time, you can sing karaoke anytime, anywhere with just one smartphone![Full-scale scoring]Equipped with a scoring function to improve your singing ability! Show off your abilities in the national ranking![Recommended for people like this! ]* I love karaoke! A type that sings anytime, anywhere!* I want to practice karaoke! Those who aim to become advanced karaoke players!* Those who want to live stream and sing and chat with everyone in real time!* For those who want to enjoy karaoke with others!* I want to connect with people who have the same musical taste!* Those who are confident in their singing ability and want to move up the rankings!* I want to listen to karaoke for people who are good at singing!* I want to meet various people while playing games and enjoy karaoke more![Function introduction]* Sing as much as you like, from the latest hits to Vocaloid, anime songs, and old-fashioned melody!* Full-scale scoring system! Cool scoring video! Not only the pitch, but also the sense of stability, intonation, long tone, and technique can be analyzed and scored! Show off your strength here!* Let's sing in the same space with everyone! Let's open a room like a karaoke box and let's sing and chat with everyone!* Various ways to play! You can enjoy karaoke with others not only with human color but also with live distribution, Poke match lyrics game and request function!* Hone your skills in practice mode! Turn on the practice mode and sing repeatedly wherever you like to improve your singing ability!* Various voice effects! Color your singing voice with one touch, such as "pop", "rock", "transparent street", and "R & B"!* Create a unique music video! After recording, you can create a unique video with your favorite photos! Easy upload of local videos!* Throw free items to your favorite works, talk on DM, and let's all get excited!* Share your work with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Line! Find your favorite music companion in the app![Pokekara Premium Member]You can enjoy karaoke more with member-exclusive functions such as live distribution, professional accompaniment, new song flagge, color comment, limited icon frame, limited effect, pin fixing, etc. Subscription is optional.[About Pokekara Premium Member Automatic Renewal Option]1.1 month automatic renewal plan--Contract period: 1 month--Price: 780 yen (tax included)2.3 month automatic renewal plan--Contract period: 3 months--Price: 2200 yen (tax included)3. Annual automatic renewal plan--Contract period: One year--Price: 7500 yen (tax included)4. Student discount plan--Contract period: 1 month--Price: 480 yen (tax included)4. Other--- Payment: After confirming your purchase, you will be charged from your Google account.--- Automatic renewal: Your Google account will be automatically renewed within 24 hours of the expiration date. Unless you cancel the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the expiration date, it will be automatically renewed.--- About canceling automatic renewal: Open the Google Play store and tap the menu icon-> [Subscription]. You can select Pokekara, tap Cancel Subscription and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel.--Pokekara VIP Terms of Service:https://www.pokekara.com/static/online/privacy_vip.html--Pokekara Terms of Service:https://www.pokekara.com/static/online/user_agreement.html?screen_id=user_agreement--Privacy policy:https://www.pokekara.com/static/online/privacy.html?screen_id=privacy[Copyright license number]Jasrac:Video submission permission number: 9018110006Y45122Karaoke distribution license number: 9018110005Y58350Nextone: Nextone:License number: ID000005487Follow us to get the latest information on Pokekara!Official Twitter: @pokekara_jpOfficial Instagram: @pokekara_jp
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