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Panggil Aku Kaisar

Panggil Aku Kaisar APK v4.0.0

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Version: 4.0.0

Android: Android 4.1+

Size: 98M

Game Introduction:Call me The Emperor is here for you! In this game Call Me Emperor, you will enter to explore ancient Chinese dynasties full of mystery by becoming famous emperors in Chinese history, beautiful women from all over the world will come to accompany you on an adventure in the oriental world. Come on, conquer the world together with your followers, establish the strongest dynasty in the world, lead your dynasty to reach the peak of glory!Game Features:[Become an Emperor and Enjoy Life in the Royal Palace]You will become an Emperor who is admired by many people in this game! You can marry beautiful women who come from different countries and establish relationships with foreign countries! Educate your heirs, strengthen your army, make your country the most prosperous in the world![Recruit Nobles to Become Your Followers]Popular nobles will come to accompany you, they will be your followers and you will lead them to bring glory to your country![Dating and Marrying with Your Sweetheart]In this game, you can meet your idol women, you can date and marry them, enjoy happiness with them.[Educate Your Children to Become Your Heir]After giving birth to children, you must educate and train them to become the best heirs of the kingdom, you can also match them with His Majesty to increase the strength and prosperity of your kingdom.[Hide your identity to meet your idol woman]You can impersonate ordinary people to go wherever you want, moreover you can meet beautiful women from all over the world.[Allying to Match Your Children]When your children grow up, you can find a match for them by allying with His Majesty, establishing relationships with them to strengthen relations between the two countries.[Imperial Academy, Nobles' Learning Center]Nobles from young to old can be sent to the Imperial Academy to deepen their knowledge, their abilities will increase after completing their studies.[Battle of the Clans, Test Your Strategic Ability]Form colleagues with His Majesty from other countries, form the right strategy in attacking or defending, your strategic ability will be tested to determine who is the winner.Your Honor, for more information please visit and follow us on Facebook.Join social media Call Me Emperor to learn more guides in the game.
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