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Version: 6.1.0

Android: 4.0 and up

Size: 17M

Digital product to support the literacy of children, youth and adults.The Palma School is a COMPLETE APPLICATION EDUCATIONAL to support early literacy for children, youth and adults, run on tablets and / or smartphones.With basis in neuroscience studies, PALMA School has an organization that respects the pace of learning user / student. The structure of its activities and organization of content worked turned to enhance the acquisition of reading and writing. The student performance is translated into a numerical scale of 0-10 and can be checked and monitored by the teacher-tutor, in the administrative area of ​​the main application menu.According to the tests it takes on average 10 months to complete all the activities of PALMA School. To be highly intuitive, its use can happen with minimal supervision, which makes it ideal for parents with children in the literacy process, for use in schools with literacy classes and is also recommended for speech therapy clinics and / or educational psychology. The contents of Palma School is organized into 05 levels:Level 1 (blue) - Alphabet - OBJECTIVE: Recognition of the form and name of the lettersLevel 2 (red) - syllabic complexity I (CV / VC) - SYLLABLES___TO_ SIMPLE - OBJECTIVE: Development of phonological awareness and conversion grapheme / phonemeLevel 3 (green) - syllabic complexity II (CCV / CVC) - SYLLABLES___TO_ COMPLEX - OBJECTIVE: Development of phonological awareness and conversion grapheme / phonemeLevel 4 (Purple) - EXPANDING UNIVERSE vocabulary - AIM: Decoding grapheme / phoneme; Reading automationLevel 5 (yellow) - READING AND SMALL UNDERSTANDING TEXTS - OBJECTIVE: Development of reading and reading comprehensionIn Mallorca School you will find the following tools:1. educational Instructions - a digital teacher accompanies the student throughout the program.2. Fixing activities - educational exercises that reinforce the content presented by Digital teacher.3. Writing Activities - motor coordination exercises through writing letters and syllables in their capitalized form.4. Evaluation with automatic correction - checking the content learned at the end of each activity, and the end of each level.5. Learning Games - play activities that encompass all worked content.6. Evaluation and Monitoring reports within the application - with the data of the exercises and level assessments.7. Volumetry: 937 words, 1221 phrases, 34 categories of words, texts 30, 4278 Activities of learning calligraphy 54 activities, 25 games and 377 evaluation activities. The Palma School is a totally FREE application that requires connection only at the time of download, its execution is totally made in order OFF LINE. In addition, a single application can support up to 05 users and it is free of advertisements.
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