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노니 Noni - 심리 상담사들 APK v2.3.0




Version: 2.3.0

Android: 4.4 and up

Size: 20M

■ Noni serviceHello,This is Noni, 'connecting the worries and thoughts of a professional psychologist with the world'.Browse the thoughts of professional psychologists at Noni and chat with them. If you used to feel burdened by professional counseling services, now let's solve everyday psychological problems big and small through more comfortable time in the free mobile service Noni!*Counselors working at Noni are professional counselors who meet the following qualifications.- National Technical Qualification: Youth Counselor Level 2 or higher Clinical Psychologist Level 2 or higher- Private Qualifications: Level 2 or higher issued by the Korean Counseling Association, the Korean Counseling Psychology Association, the Korean Psychological Association, and the Korean Clinical Psychological Association■ Use of Noni● Enjoy a variety of stories and content directly posted by counselors. You can follow like-minded counselors, collect articles, and have direct conversations. Relieve your stress with your own hideout.● All of your consultations are conducted anonymously, and your concerns and consultations are strictly confidential.*Heal at Noni, an online counseling center where you can consult with your worries anonymously :)■ Introduction of popular noni content● < Who will come to the consultation and when? > -Counselor ‘Nanda'Counselor's opinion on when counseling is needed● < Counseling is nothing special!? 1, 2 > -Counselor ‘camel'A counselor's answer to a question that indicates that receiving psychological counseling indicates a specific illness, such as panic disorder or depression, or indicates a mental disorder● < What kind of counseling psychologist should I become > - Counselor ‘Ola'How to find the rights of clients in a world where numerous counselor licenses are pouring in, and counselors' efforts and worries● < Psychological counseling with PT > - Counselor ‘Dukshim'Invitation to free consultation as the first step for training of the heart muscle→ Continues to [About consultation fee] content● < Organizing relationships > - Counselor ‘Mi-do Jeong'Essays from a counselor personally confronted to form a seemingly intimate but insecure relationship into a natural, comfortable relationship● < Depression prescription 1, 2 > - Counselor ‘Base'5 Questions of People Who Are Suffering from Depression and Counselors' Prescriptions for Self-Care● < Islander Story 1,2,3,4 > -Counselor ‘later'The childhood story of Ita, a feminist counselor who is interested in human rights and gender identity issues.● < [Novel] Anshin-dong series > - Counselor 'Dodo'Psychological counseling through novels*Meet more content and counselors' thoughts in the counseling app Noni!===■ Guide to optional access rightsThe access right is required only when using a specific function. You can use Noni even if you do not allow selection rights, and you can change it at any time in the phone settings menu.[Storage space: photos, media, files]: Register a profile picture and send a pictureContact: [email protected] website: noni-app.com
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