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Mr. Bunn - The Repair Man

Mr. Bunn - The Repair Man APK v1.0.3

Mr Bunn



Version: 1.0.3

Android: Android 4.1+

Size: 56M

Mr. Bunn is ready to help you with the broken toys and camera at his workshop. Get the opportunity to play like a little repairman who is expert in fixing the problems of broken things & enjoy the inclination of being a super repairing person in the toy world. The game MR.bunn the repairman is loaded with set of auto repair guides and step by step process of repairing for playthings for children of all ages at his mechanic shop. Everyone love their toys at their childhood and if any one of their plaything broken they get dishearten and want to make it auto repair. It's important to fix them, but first you need to know how the toy works, its main tools and parts also the stuff and the problem. There is an enormous variety of toys with different materials so when a toy is broken you need to know some common operations i.e. re-power a battery-operated toy, how to repair a split wood wheel on a toy on workshops, how to replace a broken axle on a toy, how to repair a leak in a sport ball, how to stop a leaking valve in a ball, how to repair a doll, how to repair a remote helicopter, how to fix the shoes of the doll and how to repair a camera at werkstatt.In Mr. Bunn the repairing game you have to operate your own work shop where all the city customers will come and ask to repair their broken things at workshop. Little repair master just focus on your work and start your business to make the little customers happy. Start repairing the broken things with modern tools including Screwdrivers, Pliers, Mallet, Hammer, Electric drill, automatic scanner, Bolts, Sandpaper, Elastic band, string, or tape, Masking tape, Dowels, Steel rods and other tools. Make parts for the helicopters, toy vehicles, toy trains, electric toys, fans, radios and camera. Diagnose the problem and look at the damaged part, replace it with the new one. After repairing the toys, choose attractive patterns, beautiful colors and shape to make the customer happy. Make them new again with the expert repairman skills. Mr. Bunn is an excellent repairing game for little boys and girls. The funny activities and amazing repair shop levels are seeking for skillful hands. Join the Mr. Bunn in a very thrilling gameplay. - Learn to work with different repairing tools - Repair, fix and assemble broken playthings and camera- Make parts of toys - Find and fix breakages with full perfection and help the little customers with their broken things - Learn to operate modern machines - Advanced your repairman skills
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