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Mind Render APK v2.1.15

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Version: 2.1.15

Android: 5.1 and up

Size: 365M

Mind Render is a programming learning app that anyone can easily create and play full-scale 3D program works. You can create various programs such as games, simulations, stories, and VR just by assembling instruction blocks. People of all ages, from elementary and junior high school students to adults, can enjoy programming.Mind Render is an app that not only allows you to learn programming that requires logical thinking, but also allows you to express your story as a single work with beautiful backgrounds, music, fun characters and effects. .. As the name "Render" suggests, I hope you can use it as a tool for thinking in your own way and expressing yourself.In 2020, Mind Render has evolved significantly as Mind Render 2. Enjoy programming with Mind Render 2, which is easier to use and has more features.■ It's easier to create games and storiesInstructions and features have been added that are useful for creating games and story-like content. Sounds and effects have also been greatly expanded, enabling rich expression.■ It is easy to understand and use.The instruction categories and instruction blocks have been organized, making it easier to find the instruction you want to use. The operation screen has also been organized to make it easier to understand.Mind Render has the following excellent features.■ EasyIt's easy to get started because you can create a program just by combining instruction blocks.■ BeautifulYou can create a fun 3D world by choosing and combining beautiful 3D graphics characters and landscapes.■ Learn while having funYou can learn programming while having fun with a variety of contents such as interesting themes such as mini games and drone operation, and contents that complete the story while creating a program.It also comes with content that you can enjoy without programming.■ DeepNot only is it fun to learn, but it also includes basic computer technologies such as 3D and VR, and complex elements such as the physics engine, so it can be used by people of all ages.■ Share with friendsYou can share programs such as games you made with your friends and have them play.Mind Render has 13 rooms called laboratories.In each laboratory, you can programmatically move characters and vehicles in various backgrounds and perform interesting experiments depending on your ideas.[Lab 1] Forest Girl (for beginners)It is a story-style content like Little Red Riding Hood.[Lab 2] GameTwo types of mini games are available.[Lab 3] Let's move the droneCreate a drone-flying program to explore towns and skyscrapers.[Lab 4] Get to know Japan in 3DDraw a three-dimensional graph on the Japanese map.[Lab 5] Space Boy (for beginners)This is a story-style content in which a boy from outer space competes with a pirate with a cat.[Lab 6] Let's run on the circuitUse the controller to drive through circuits and snowy mountains, and create programs for autonomous driving.[Lab 7] Let's shoot a cannonCreate a program that hits the target with a cannon while changing the difficulty level.[Lab 8] Detective story (for beginners)This is a story-style content where a detective solves a hidden treasure theft case.[Free study 1] Let's observe the solar systemEnjoy space travel in VR and challenge missions related to planets and the moon.[Free study 2] Automatic driving / advanced editionWe will challenge complicated courses and autonomous driving programs with a different concept from Lab 6.[Free study 3] AIYou can observe how a car equipped with an AI program drives automatically without hitting rocks or walls.[Teaching material 1] Let's explore the mysterious island (for beginners, teaching material sample)A brave man aims for the goal on the mysterious island. Please try it as a hint for making teaching materials.[playground]You can freely create your own program using characters and backgrounds.Labs 3, 4, 6, 7 and Independent Studies 1 and 2 are introduced in detail in the following books."A programming drill that nurtures a genius-learning fun with Mind Redner"Ryoichi Shirotsuchi et al., Published by Cut System (ISBN-10 4877834362 ISBN-13 978-4877834364)Some labs are also introduced on the official Mind Render website.・ To view the program in VR, download Mind Render to your iPhone. Also, download Mind Render to your smartphone.・ To view your own program in VR, you need to register as a user by email address. Please have your email address ready.
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