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Version: 20220329

Android: Android 5.1+

Size: 38M

A collection of best KPOP games with passion! Million of Kpop fans are playing this game over the world.It's just not one game. It's a 22 Kpop games in 1 app until now (2019) – games in various types: arcade, casual, art, quiz, music, puzzle, reaction, differences, trivia…To bring to Kpop fans all over the world, the app supports 5 languages : English, Spanish, Portugese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Vietnamese.The best thing is: It will be updated regularly to add more games and catch up latest and hottest Kpop trend, wave, music, MV, idol, song, lyrics…---------------------------------------List of Kpop games in this version:>> ARCADE ZONE: 7 games* Jump tap: tap left / right to jump as higher as possible. Avoid blocks.* Pinwheel: swipe left / right to scroll the pinwheel and catch the Kpop idol with the same color.* ZigZag: tap to go left or to right. Stay on the path.* Memory Flip: tap on chips to flip them. Open same Kpop idols to clear the board* Up and down: tap the screen to go up or down. Avoid monsters and collect coins* Down with the cloud: tap left / right to tilt all clouds. Keep Kpop idol not to fall.* Guardian: move the shield to protect the idol>> PUZZLE ZONE: 4 games* Song Imagination: you'll see 4 pictures – guest the song name.* MV Quest: you'll see a screenshot. Arrange characters to make the MV name.* Song quest: Arrange characters to make the song name.* All time hit: a quiz where you have to guest the song. All songs in this quest are the most popular Kpop songs (maybe old, like Mirotic, Sorry Sorry or Fantastic Baby)>> ART ZONE: 10 games with latest Kpop stuffs* Name Tag: guess the name of the idol.* Age comparison: compare 2 idols: older, younger or same age.* Song guest: guess the name of the song.* The Voice: guess who is singing.* Wheel of song: spin the wheel to get random duration you have to listen, then guess the song name.* Reverse song: let see can you guess the name of the song when it plays reverse.* Music Cocktail: 3 songs play at the same time. Can you find out names of them?* Feel the beat: the rhythm game with Kpop songs.* Time Attack: mix of all games in Goodies zone, but you have to play 3 of them at the same time.* 2 players: lets sit down and play with local friends.---------------------------------------DISCLAIMERThis is an unofficial fan-made application. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by company, group, label or idol.
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