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KettleMind - Competitive Brain

KettleMind - Competitive Brain APK v1.0.18

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Version: 1.0.18

Android: Android 4.4+

Size: 35M

KettleMind is a pack 23 cognitive & brain training games designed to improve cognitive skills like memory, focus, visual memory, logical reasoning, problem-solving and languageThese mind games pack has got deep statistics feature to analyze your performance and give suggestions in order to improve your cognitive skills and gives fitness for your brain.Kettlemind allows you to play against with your friends and challenge them with these brain games. Just like you exercise your body, Brain requires some exercises & training. Kettlemind helps you to do brain exercises and keep your brainwell.Learning is always easier when it's fun, and brain games make learning these cognitive skills seem like nothing more than a fun game. Mind games is also a great way to train the brain and strengthen your muscle memory and thinking skills.KettleMind helps you to elevate your brain through a variety of brain exercises. Based on scientific research, mind games or brain teasers are a foundation for your kids to succeed in his academic and competitive exams. It is the best brain training games for adults and kids too.KettleMind - Brain Training Game Features★ 20+ brain training games★ Cognitive games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, visual processing★ Logical reasoning games for cognitive processes of logic, strategic planning, problem solving, and deductive reasoning like series, odd one out, Analogy★ Math games to improve math skills and problem solving abilities★ Language games to improve English and comprehension★ Word games to improve vocabulary★ Puzzle games and cognitive training games to improve the IQ★ Multiplayer Games to challenge your friends & peers★ Detailed performance tracking★ Adaptive difficulty progression based on performanceThe players sharpen their minds while having fun by playing our learning games. Each level tests the player's skills and abilities to their peak and it's a great mental challenge. It is the only mind game which works as your aptitude test trainer. ‍KettleMind as kids games play a vital role in the development of kids brain function. These kids games contain very interesting word games & puzzle games too, which is very helpful for the kids to enhance their competitive ability. This kids game is for your children to learn while playing and it is the best puzzle game to train their brain. Various studies have proved that brain training improves your memory, focus, cognitive abilities and noticeably reduce stress and the resulting risk of depression, increase your thinking speed and concentration and problem-solving skills. Train your brain with our cognitive training app for few minutes a day for better results. ⌚️As your brain controls your body functions, it is the most vital part of your body. It is, therefore, playing brain games is a good idea to keep it strong and healthy. Brain games for adults are helpful to prevent dementia or Alzheimer's, and it also has benefits to children, even those who are still growing. Please leave us a comment if you like our brain games. We hope that our cognitive training app will help you to improve your brain skills. VISIT US - https://www.kettlemind.com/LIKE US - https://www.facebook.com/kettlemind/FOLLOW US - https://twitter.com/kettlemind
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