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Global Goals Business Navigator

Global Goals Business Navigator APK v1.2.8

Dansk Selskab For Virksomhedsledelse



Version: 1.2.8

Android: 6.0 and up

Size: 32M

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals set out 17 globally agreed objectives to tackle poverty and inequality and make the world a better place for everyone within the constraints of our planet's resources. They represent at least US$ 12 trillion of untapped market opportunities. This app helps businesses find opportunities in the Global Goals that can generate business value as well as contribute to the Goals. Based around 17 practical and inspirational case studies, users can explore how the Global Goals can contribute to business growth, return on capital, risk management and organizational performance. The app includes the following features:1. GLOBAL GOALS QUIZ: see how much you know about business opportunities and the Global Goals. How good is your knowledge compared to your colleagues and contemporaries?2. INSPIRATIONAL CASE STUDIES: the app allows users to explore 17 practical case studies from businesses that have found business value in contributing to the Global Goals. 3. SAVE AND SHARE FAVORITES: save your favorite case studies and goals and share them with colleagues and partners to inspire action in your own business.---The app was developed as part of an initiative by the Danish Management Society (VL) to help its members understand the business opportunities in the UN Global Goals. Working with 3B IMPACT and McKinsey & Company, VL set out to help Danish CEOs and senior managers to explore strategic opportunities in the Global Goals. The initiative is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation, and McKinsey & Company's cooperation is pro-bono.VL is committed to fostering and encouraging knowledge and understanding of modern leadership. Accordingly, VL aims to contribute to the financial success, social progress and general improvement of the conditions of our society. VL sees an understanding of the Global Goals as an important part of this.3B IMPACT is a consulting firm focused on channelling capital and capabilities towards companies that help to solve social and environmental challenges. It works with clients at the strategic level to help unlock value in generating positive change. The app brings together the unique perspectives, experience and insights of VL and 3B IMPACT, drawing on McKinsey's Sustainability Navigator, to explore how companies can generate value from the Global Goals in four strategic areas.The app builds on existing initiatives in Denmark and Internationally, including the UNDP.
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