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English Ear Game 2

English Ear Game 2 APK v4.0.0

Kazuya Kamioka



Version: 4.0.0

Android: Android 4.4+

Size: 14M

This app is developed for non-native English speakers. This is the second edition of English Ear Game. The first one is focused "r" and "l" sound, but the second one is focused "b" and "v" sound.Get real English ear through this simple game! English Ear Game is a very simple game, listening to an English word and choose the right one from similar words as quickly and precisely as possible. Try it anytime and anywhere, and complete all levels! - Situations for use ・Try just by yourself, and be a real English ear master. ・Play with friends, lovers, family and have a nice time. ・Use it as an English educational tool. ・Talk about it with drinking, dating. ・Bask in the self satisfaction. ・Boasts to everyone of your skill (Don't too much.) … and so on. You can use it for a variety of situations. - It's not only a game but also a real tool to get English ear. It's a game, but English Ear Game is the best tool for mastering real English Ear anytime and anywhere. It provides training and reviewing functions, so you can master English Ear efficiently. - Message from developer English Ear Game was born from individual developer's enthusiasm. When you play a game, you should enjoy it and learn something variable. Let's play with English! - About the voices inside this app The voices were recorded by native English speakers whom I saw at a park in Tokyo, Japan. Without their kind help, I couldn't have developed this variable app. I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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