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Crocodile Beach Attack Games

Crocodile Beach Attack Games APK v1.0.3

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Version: 1.0.3

Android: Android 4.1+

Size: 33M

Get ready to Hunt on town beach with crocodile in this Free animal attack games 2019. This free game allows you to hunt on sea beach, town area and small valleys and uniquely designed multiple rampage missions will challenge you in this crocodile simulator game those made this best crocodile games.Crocodile beach attack on animals is a realistic animal attack game.it is hard to hunt as a hungry crocodile so improve your attacking skills & timing.Have you ever tried Crocodile family or Water Crocodile Games we are presenting something like that but not the same in this game you can attack like angry big monster attacking on animals as searching for foodNew crocodile simulators 2019 in village lake is water fun game.This specific crocodile 3d simulator game is all about crocodile hunt in lakeside town where you have to hunt as a hungry crocodile diffrent pets birds and animals like chicken hunt duck hunting and many more.Do you want to control your brutal and angry crocodile? If your answer is yes, then we warmly welcome you in Hungry Wild Crocodile Simulator game; where you must hunt the pets and birds and become the best hunter and attack on multiple eating things in hungry crocodile game. Your will be assigned to find your food and eat them with your hungry crocodile. Use big jaws for eating your frantic prey on various locations that we will provide you in Hungry Wild Crocodile Attack Simulator. You will go for duck hunt, chicken hunt, flying bird hunt, wild sea hunt and water hunt. You can use crocodile attack to kill and eat your hunt.Hungry Wild Crocodile Attack Simulator is one of the best hunting 3D game in 2019. In this game, your duty is to accept crocodile hunting challenges and run your hungry crocodile in search of food in Ocean. There are different modes like interesting and thrilling 2 modes in hungry crocodile: real attack free game will make the user addictive. This game comes with realistic hunting animations and climate will additional attractiveness of this Hungry Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D Game. Enjoy the wild crocodile games environment with stunning animal simulator as well as animal hunting and killing simulator. Your objective is to complete your hunting challenges in your limited time otherwise your level will be failed. If you will fail in taking food on time, then wild hungry crocodile will be dead, and mission will be failed.You must have played a lot of animal hunting game, but this Hungry Crocodile Simulator is somehow addictive for users due to multiple option in crocodile selections and mode selection and you be assigned to kill and eat others. Be the best crocodile attacker and do not get your food get away in this Hungry Wild Crocodile Attack Simulator Game at US Offroad Gamers. Do not wait, just pick up your phone and download this amazing game to entertain yourself in your free hours. Spread your territory in beach sides and jungle and become hungry wild hunter crocodile attacker.Crocodile Simulator Beach Attack 2019 features:• Fast Gameplay • Explore Area to Find Food• Sea hunting game• Multiple Camera Angles• Hunt Rabbits, Chicken, Duck, Flying Birds and a Lot More• HD Graphics
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