Call Bridge 1.0.1 APK Latest For Android – Download

Call Bridge 1.0.1 APK Latest For Android – Download

Description of Call Bridge

Call bridge is a game of tricks, trumps andbidding which is popular in Bangladesh. It seems to be related tothe North American game Spades. The rules vary from place to place,and several of these alternatives are described in the variationssection.
Players and Cards

This game is normally played by 4 people using a standardinternational 52-card pack.

The cards of each suit rank from high to lowA-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. Spades are permanent trumps: any cardof the Spade suit beats any card of any other suit.

Deal and play are counter-clockwise.

Any player may deal first: subsequently the turn to deal passes tothe right.

The dealer deals out all the cards, one at a time, face down, sothat each player has 13 cards. The players pick up their cards andlook at them.

Starting with the player to dealer’s right, and continuingcounter-clockwise round the table, ending with the dealer, eachplayer calls a number, which must be at least 2. (The maximumsensible call is 12.) This call represents the number of trickswhich the player undertakes to win. In this game the tricks bid areknown as “calls”.
The player to dealer’s right leads to the first trick, andsubsequently the winner of each trick leads to the next.

Any card may be led, and the other three players must follow suitif they can. A player who cannot follow suit must trump with aspade, provided that this spade is high enough to beat any spadesalready in the trick. A player who has no cards of the suit led andno spades high enough to head the trick may play any card.

The trick is won by the player of the highest spade in it, or if itcontains no spade, by the player of the highest card of the suitthat was led.

A player who is able to play a card of the suit that was led is notobliged to head the trick. This also applies when spades are led:players may play higher or lower spades as they wish.
A player who has no cards of a suit is said to be “off” that suit.If is off the suit that was led, and there are no spades in thetrick yet, the player must play a spade if possible. If there isalready a spade in the trick, the player who is “off” the led suitmust play a higher spade if possible. If the player only has lowerspades, he or she can “waste” one of these spades to avoid takingan unwanted trick later, or can throw a card of another suit.

To succeed, a player must win the number of tricks called, or onemore trick than the call. If a player succeeds, the number calledis added to his or her cumulative score. Otherwise the numbercalled is subtracted.

For example, a player who calls 4 must win 4 or 5 tricks tosucceed, and in this case gains 4 points. Winning 3 or fewer tricksor 6 or more tricks counts as a loss, and the player loses 4points.

Calls of 8 tricks or more are bonus calls. A player who calls 8 ormore scores 13 points (instead of the amount of the call) ifsuccessful. If unsuccessful, the amount of the call is subtractedas usual. So for example a player who calls 9 scores +13 for 9 or10 tricks, but -9 for 11 or more tricks or 8 or fewer.

There is no fixed end to the game. Players continue for as long asthey wish, and when the game ends the player with the highest scoreis the winner.

App Information of Call Bridge

App Name Call Bridge
Package Name com.virtualbeggars.callbridgeplus
Version 1.0.1
Rating 4.4 ( 164 )
Requirement Android 4.0 and up
Updated 2018-01-17
Installs 10,000 - 50,000
Category Card, Games

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